Very Exciting Times

Hi everyone and welcome to my first Private Fine Dining blog. Private Fine Dining is a new and exclusive service offering in home and function catering at the top level. After cutting my teeth for over 3000 hours in some of the toughest kitchens in Auckland I have gained enough experience and skill to launch Private Fine Dining.

The vision is to provide a service which exceeds expectation and creates memorable occasions. On my website you will find a range of different dishes with influences arising from many nations and cultures. Gone are the days of distinctly “fusion” cuisine in my opinion. The natural progression of food has brought together so many different ingredients, techniques and new flavour pairings that food culture is fusion en mass and no longer requires a specific category.

We are a global food village and there has never been a more exciting time to be a chef. With access to any ingredients and the amazing new technologies available we have endless possibilities to assist our creative process.

When you find a dish or series of dishes on my website that inspire you then give me a call or send me an email so we can catch up for a good espresso somewhere and an equally good chat about your function and your requirements.


Anthony Price