Terms of Service

Terms of Service Agreement

Private Fine Dining Ltd offer it’s services on the following basis. By contracting the services of Private Fine Dining Ltd you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

 Bookings and deposits

Private Fine Dining Ltd will require a minimum 50% deposit five working days prior to the date of the scheduled event. The balance is payable within 7 days of the scheduled event.


Private Fine Dining Ltd may require an additional deposit should the original contract require variation. Major variation* requires a minimum notification time of 48 hours before the scheduled event. Major variation notification which arises in less than 48 hours before the event will attract extra charges. These charges may not necessarily reflect the rates found in the original contract.


Cancellations within 72 hours of the scheduled event will attract a fee equal to 33% of the entire contract value.

Partial cancellation and/or partial guest no show will not result in a discount off the original contract value unless mutually agreed to by Private Fine Dining Ltd and the client.

 Health and Safety

Health and safety is a priority and during service, (service is deemed to be when Private Fine Dining Ltd employees arrive on site), Private Fine Dining Ltd requires clients and guests to follow instruction if required while in and near the service areas.

Overall it is best if only Private Fine Dining Ltd staff and service staff enter the service areas. If this request is made during service and not adhered to Private Fine Dining Ltd reserves the right to cease service until the request is adhered to. Any damage or loss arising in this situation will not be covered by Private Fine Dining Ltd. Any damage or loss to Private Fine Dining Ltd arising in this situation will be charged to the client.

 Dietary Requirements

Private Fine Dining Ltd accepts no responsibility for damages or losses incurred due to the non disclosure of dietary requirements.

 Public Liability

Private Fine Dining Ltd carry public liability insurance and the client is indemnified to the value of NZD 1 million dollars maximum. Private Fine Dining Ltd will cover any breakages and loss arising from the actions of its employees however will not cover faulty equipment. Private Fine Dining Ltd does not cover hire equipment damaged by guests or clients as part of its public liability insurance policy.

 Hire Equipment

In the event that damage or loss occurs to any of the hire equipment the client will be charged replacement cost as the hirer at the specified rate determined by the hire company.

Once the client agrees to the arranged hire equipment drop off times and collection times the client understands that it is their responsibility to ensure clear and unimpeded access to the venue at the specified times unless otherwise mutually agreed with Private Fine Dining Ltd. Any cost incurred due to the client failing to provide access at the agreed specified times will be charged to the client.

Unforseen Events, Act of God, Family Emergency

Private Fine Dining Ltd will accept no liability in the event it cannot perform it’s services due to the following circumstances, any public transport postponement or cancellation critical to the scheduled event for any reason given by the transport provider, serious injury or death of any Private Fine Dining Ltd employee scheduled to work on the respective contract, serious injury or death of any immediate family member of any Private Fine Dining Ltd employee scheduled to work on the respective contract.

Private Fine Dining Ltd will endeavor to exhaust all resources available to proceed with the scheduled contracted event should any of the above circumstances arise however no guarantee is implied and if further expense is incurred these expenses will be charged to the client.


* Major Variation constitutes a change totaling a 50% or more increase of the original contract value.